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Indo Board Sponsored Filipino Martial Arts School, Eskabo Daan

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Work on your Balance with 8X Jiu Jitsu World Champion and Indo Board Team Rider, Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles

Jiu jitsi 8X World Champion,  and Indo Board Team Rider, Rubens "Cobrinha" Chalres has his student, 3 year old, Katia, work on her balance.

8X  World jiu jitsu Champion and Indo Board Team Rider, Rubens “Cobrinha” Charlres has his student, 3 year old, Katia, work on her balance.

 VIDEO:  #Indoboard #Motivation! With Braziilian #JiuJitsu Black Belt, Team Alliance, 8X World #Champion, 2013 ADCC Champion, 4X Pan American, Champion, and #Indoboard Team Rider, @cobrinhacharles! And Kátia. emoji

Want to learn jiu jitsu with Master Cobrinha?  Here’s your connection!!  emojiemojiemoji️- Georgette #Repost @cobrinhacharles with @repostapp.
Kátia is working on her balance on the @indo_board. Kátia esta trabalhando o equilíbrio no indo board. #Indoboard #balance #lilcobra #3yearsold #cobrinhabjj #cobrinhaonline #cobrinhafamily @storm_kimonos1

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Free Ground Shipping On All Products till January 1, 2015 at

Be sure to tell Santa that he gets FREE GROUND SHIPPING on all products till January 1, 2014 at Happy day to you. :-) Georgette

Free Ground Shipping till 1 Jan 2014 at http://

Free Ground Shipping on All Products  till Jan 1,  2014 at http://

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Sick Indo Board Tricks at IdeaWorld 2014

Check out why Hunter Joslin is #IndoBoard Man. Inspired? Yeah, I thought so. :-) Georgette

Indo Board Man, Hunter Joslin rides his Indo Board 50/50.

Indo Board Man, Hunter Joslin

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Indo Yoga Board Classes

Indo Yoga Board Classes.

Looking for an #IndoYogaBoard Class? Here’s a list Yoga Studios that currently offer classes using the Indo Yoga Board and Indo board and currently have the Indo Yoga Board in stock. List will update as more studios and classes come online. Happy and Healthy Monday to you. Georgette

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Indo Board Riders nominated for 2014 SUP Top Female Paddler Awards

Woo hoo! #IndoBoard Team Rider and Brand Ambassador, Suzy Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui, and Team Riders, Candice Appleby , Annabel Anderson, and Nikki Gregg are nominated for Top Female Paddler! Who will you vote for? My sheros. Happy Monday. :-) Georgette  

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How To Use The IndoFLO™ Cushion With The Indo Yoga Board

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This video will help in understanding how to use your Indo Yoga Board. The Indo Yoga Board is changing the way yoga is practiced by introducing an unstable platform on which to practice your yoga poses.  The Indo Yoga board can be used for both Asana Yoga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga.  The key to feeling comfortable on the Indo Yoga Board is to take the time to understand the feel and movement of the board and to slow down your poses and become more mentally engaged in your poses.

The Indo Yoga Board has varying levels of progression and instability.  The wooden rockers on the bottom of the board provide a basic or beginning level of instability.  Placing three Indo Board IndoFLO inflatable cushions underneath the board will increase the level of instability and increase the challenge.  The inflation of the IndoFLO cushions changes the instability of the Indo Yoga Board.  Inflating the IndoFLO cushions just enough so that the wooden rockers on the bottom of the Indo Yoga Board are not touching the floor, creates more instability.  Further inflating the IndoFLO cushions continues to create more and more instability.  Be sure to experiment with inflation of the cushions to find the right level of instability for your personal preference.

Practicing yoga on the Indo Yoga Board creates more muscle activation than traditional yoga on a stable surface.  The Indo Yoga Board is meant to challenge all levels of yoga enthusiasts by forcing the user to slow down their pose and focus on engaging their core and other stabilizing muscles that may not be used in traditional yoga.

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Indo Yoga Board – SUP Flow Classes at Pure Yoga in New York City

Are you located in or near New York City and are looking for an #IndoYogaBoard Class? Pure Yoga is happy to announce their new and exclusive workshop series – SUP Flow. :-) Georgette

Indo Yoga Board - SUP FLOW Classes at Pure Yoga NYC

Indo Yoga Board – SUP Flow Classes at Pure Yoga NYC

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How Not To Get Your Hair Wet While Practicing Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

Amy Ploeckelman MosbyHave you tried stand up paddle board yoga  – only to fall in love with it – but now it’s far too cold outside to practice at your local body of water – which might, in fact, at the moment be completely frozen over? Or maybe, even if it’s a beautifully warm day,  just the thought of accidentally fumbling into the water and getting your hair sopping wet and completely messed up is just unthinkable, and therefore you’ve shied away from ever trying out stand up paddle board yoga? Sometimes even I don’t want to risk getting my hair wet.

Solve your dilemma by allowing yourself to train throughout the winter months and maintain happy dry hair with the Indo Yoga Board.  Want more? FREE Indo Yoga Board Demo Classes  are being offered with Indo Board Certified Trainer, Amy Ploekelman Mosbey! DATES: February 21st, 10:00AM – 10:45AM & February 22nd, 8:00AM-8:45AM at in Danvville, California! Indo Yoga Board Classes in March TBA.

The Indo Yoga Board, which came from stand up paddle board yoga, has four rockers underneath the deck allowing it to move from side to side for a fun and engaging core challenge. Advanced yogis like to use IndoFLO™ Cushions underneath the Indo Yoga Board for an even greater challenge.  Happy Day. – Georgette



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Look Who’s In this Indo Board Flipagram Video

Some of the best Indo Board photos from compiled in this video Take a look to see just how versatile Indo Board can be. -  Georgette


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