Indo Board Roller Exercises and Workouts

There are many basic exercises on the Indo Board Original
that increase balance, core strength and agility.

You should be an ADVANCED user on the Indo Original before attempting exercises on it. 

When starting out, you can use a spotter or hold onto something until you
get accustomed to these exercises

Always use extreme caution on the Indo Board and make sure you have
a spotter if you are not an advanced Indo Board rider.

 Always be sure to use your Indo Board on a soft surface such as carpet.
This allows for the roller to move slowly. Exercise extreme caution when using
the roller on hardwood, tile or cement floors.

There are many advanced exercises you can do using your
Indo Board Original Training Package. 

The Indo Original Training Package is essentially as an in-home mini gym. 



Wake Up Exercise

Begin this exercise with the roller centered under the board and try not to let it move. Balance the board with a stance just slightly wider than shoulder width, knees bent 2-5 inches lower than the comfort zone (3 inches), hips tilted slightly forward, head and shoulders up and arms relaxed. The goal is to try and keep the roller from moving for 1 to 2 minutes in order to get the blood moving and wake the legs up. It's all right if your legs move a little and the board tilts slightly, just try your hardest to keep the roller from moving at all. This should create some leg burn which indicates the blood is startling to flow through the muscle tissue.

The primary goal of these "Wake Up" exercises is to get the blood moving. Your legs, hips and pelvis will feel amazingly loose and alive!