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Hi, Indo Board Community.

If you find an Indo Board on sale online that seems to be far too good to be true, i.e. half price, it probably is too good to be true. If you have any questions about your purchase order, please contact us or call (321) 777-6021.



 The Indo Board World Wide Community has voted! 
The winner of the Indo Board Video Contest held on Instagram is Alise Isbell! 
See Alise’s inspiring 1st Place video here

 For her prize, Alise chose the Original Indo Board Bamboo Beach design by world renowned artist, Drew Brophy.

 She wrote on Twitter, "Donated £150 in dad's memory to  and giving this  I won 2a Peaker. Thanks for creating 

 2nd Place - Dan Galanto 

 3rd Place -  Joe Daniels

 4th Place - Andrew Hopgood

 5th Place - Matthew Backstrom

 6th Place - Reckless the dog and his human, Shane McDonnellV

 7th Place - Max Iscakis 

Congratulation to all of the athletes who participated, and to everyone who voted! 


 If you can, come take Indo Yoga Board classes with Kelly Roberts. Practice SUP Yoga indoors. Best part? Your hair stays dry, and there's zero chance of falling into water. Dates: Thursday, May 11th at 10:00AM and Thursday, May 25th at 9:30AM at Beach Pilates and Wellness Address: 33230 Coastal Highway Unit 1, Bethany Beach, Delaware. Call (302) 542-6521


Would you like an Indo Yoga Board? Get yours here.



Hurry! Get 10% OFF on all Indo Board Rocker Deck Black combinations this month only at Indo Board.

The Indo Rocker Board consists of a 33" X 16" wooden deck that has a "rocker" or "reverse-camber" bottom. This rocker bottom means that the deck is not flat and thus less deck is touching the roller which creates a looser feel that is easier to rotate on the roller. This allows the rider to perform advanced balance board tricks like 180 or 360-degree spins. Additionally, the Indo Rocker Board does not have our traditional stops at the ends of the underside of the wooden deck, thus making the Indo Rocker board easier to rotate and spin.  The Indo Rocker board uses the same 6.5" diameter roller that all our "Original" models come with. If you own an Indo Original and think you have mastered it, then the Indo Rocker Board is your next logical upgrade. 






 Indo Board Master Trainer, Nicolas Cerciello's - amazing video! 

Find Nicolas here on Facebook. 


Is your heart singing like mine right now? In this video, Indo Board Team Rider and Brand Ambassador, Suzie Cooney, puts her Indo Board skills to inspiringly good use! Suzie is a NASM certified personal trainer. Would you like Suzie to help you be the best athlete that you can be? Here you go!



Challenge! How many squats with your kettlebells will you do today like Billie? 
Afterward, challenge yourself with a few box jumps. 

Share with a friend. Make yourself accountable. See Billie’s inspiring video here.



 Congratulations to Indo Board Team Rider, Courtney Conlogue, for winning 1st at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach - again! 

Cross-train like surf champion Courtney Conlogue! Learn from her coaches, Paul Norris, B.S. Exercise Science, C.P.T.,​ and Katie Webb, B.S. Kinesiology, M.S. Kinesiology at Extreme Athletes. Address: 850 W. 18th Street Unit D, Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Call (949) 548-2900.
 Is this the next future world champion in whatever he chooses to pursue?  Summer Louch and her cute as a button son are INDO IT at The W Training Facility!  The W Training Facility meets the needs for everyone in any category, whether you are an amateur or top level athlete, or someone looking to better improve their fitness and health goals to live life full of energy and well being. 

 Address: 24335 Prielipp Rd, Ste 126, Wildomar, California. Call (740) 815-7069.



Challenge! Practice boxing, fencing, and backflips on your Indo Board Rollers like Team Riders, Trinity Lewis and his dad, Robert Lewis. See their awesome video here. If you haven't yet, be sure to follow Trinity on his Youtube Channel for inspiring, and educational trick tutorials.


Challenge! Nunchuck and hang ten at the same time like Joel Tudor in this video!


Team Rider, Ahlee Dee, gets us in the groove. Check out her video here.


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Happy and Healthy May to you!