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10% off Indo Board Barefoot Design




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Courtney Conlogue and Sally Fitzgibbons © WSL


Congratulations to Indo Board Team Rider, Courtney Conlogue for taking the win at the Rip Curl Women's Pro Bells Beach! Awesome.


Got 15 Seconds? Good!

We’ve been made aware of a new training application using the Indo Board! And we are honored to have Navy SEAL Veteran, Rich Graham, and the OFFICIAL Multi-Purpose Canine, Navy SEAL Foundation, NSW Family Foundation and Navy UDT/SEAL Museum event demonstrator, Miko AKA "War Beast" on the Indo Board Team! Find Rich Graham at


How To Do A Shuvit On Your Indo Board Kickball Pro, with Team Rider, Jeramie Vaine at in San Clemente, California! VIDEO: Find Jeramie at 




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Free Is Good! Get the Surf Style Training 14 day FREE TRIAL with fitness professional, Elise Carver.

WHAT YOU GET: 20+ Workout Videos • Active Stretch Videos • information library full of tools, documents, workout plans, etc.. PLUS a Personal Profile for you to input your goals, measurements, fitness bucket list and MORE. Go to to sign up! Hurry! Before it's too late!

VOTE for Elise for



If you can, join Indo Board Brand Ambassador and Team Rider, Heather T. Leo and Will Baker for SUPYOGA, Slackline and Indo Board Teacher Training! WHEN: June 3 -5 Registration is now open for the 2016 SUP! For more information, go to Balance by HTL Yoga Center.




From Indo Board Brand Ambassador, Suzie Cooney at

Time and time again my clients and I notice a HUGE difference when we put time into balance training on land. Right away they notice how they could transfer that extra special skill from their body to stay upright in small surf, big surf, or to catch more bumps and glides.

Most people rely on their large muscles such as the hip, the knee and the ankle to push themselves through a bottom turn, to catch a glide on a downwinder, or to take off during a sprint race. However, if you can call upon all of your tiny finer muscles to fire first and then signal the larger muscles to jump in, your performance will increase ten-fold.

For instance, flat water paddlers...." Get the SUP BIBLE.




If you can, come take Indo Yoga Board Classes with Brand Ambassador Evelyn O’Doherty at Silich Core & Strength every Tuesday at 9:45AM and Sun @ 10:30AM in East Hampton, NY!

Also - Join the INDO YOGA BOARD teacher training workshop for individuals who are interested in exploring the Indo Yoga Board as a part of their teaching repertoire and/or who want to add the dynamic of BALANCE TRAINING, DEEPER MUSCULAR ENGAGEMENT and CORE WORK that the Indo Board offers into their regular yoga practice. For more information, please go to
 If you can, come take the Indo Yoga Board class with Georgina Shaffer of Love!



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That moment you do pushups on one foot using two unstable platforms. Challenge! Do 8 reps of 4. Join the challenge  - and make yourself accountable. Head trainer Ben Clark at shows us how. By the way, Coach Ben is using a bosu and an Indo Board Kicktail Pro.




Indo Board Brand Ambassador, Jim Leo writes, “Figured a new torture method on the@concept2inc rower today. Blasted anterior core. Of course, why stop there....adding in @indo_board for core and shoulder stability about did me in. Try it on stable blocks and try to go 500 meters. If you post your time, tag me. I'm dying to see others do this!” Find Jim at




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How To Do An Ollie On Your Indo Board - Like They Do In Greece. Pavlos Cheiladakis is INDO IT.
VIDEO:  Check out Pavlos' seriously fun surf school at 




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