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A Special Thank You

We’d like to take this special time to thank you for your continued support and Indo Board enthusiasm. The response from you all in 2015 was incredible! Please, continue to tell us what you think so that we may continue to give back the very best in how to improve your balance fitness level while at the same time, enabling you to enjoy your time with friends, colleagues, and family. We look forward to hearing you 24/7. and (321)777-6021.
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Meanwhile, take a look at this Indo Board slide video highlights from 2015!

Indo Board will be at Surf EXPO - January 14th - 16th, 2016. Come by to say hi and play on Indo Boards. Find us at Booth #2931!




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How To Have An Endless Summer in 2016!

We’re so stoked to feature the artwork of surfing legend, Robert August, on the Indo Board! Hurry! Get this rare 10% discount offer here.

If you haven’t yet, take time to watch the iconic surf film, the Endless Summer, featuring our good friend, Robert August!




Featured Videos & Featured Book



Got 4 min and 1 sec? Good! Discover New Training Dimensions for SUP Surfing, and Downwind Performance with fitness professional, Suzie Cooney and featuring paddler, Jenn Biestman!  

Suzie Cooney created this exercise, it’s very challenging, and at the same time, it's also very fun to do! You are guaranteed to burn it up in 15s or less. You gotta burn it to turn it!




Also - be sure to get your copy of Suzie’s new book, How To Improve Your Stand Up Paddling Performance, Beginner To Elite. This beautiful book is being hailed as “The Bible Of Stand Up Paddle Boarding” and features many Indo Board exercises. Get yours at



VIDEO: Indo board Kettle Bell Segment.

If you can, get fit with Indo board Master Trainer, Thayne Shatah of




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