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Indo Board Man, Hunter Joslin, demonstrates on the
Indo Board Pro Natural at Surf Expo!


We’re all exceedingly happy that Team Rider Matt Manzari is still with us! Photos is of Matt receiving a $500 check from Indo Board Man, Hunter Joslin, to help Matt with his medical expenses.

Click to read about Matt's amazing comeback. Then click for some of Matt’’s mind blowing Indo Board inspiration. 

INDO BOARD Featured Product


How Train for Surfing and Learn How To Cross Step On Your Longboard Using the Indo Board Pro with the Indo Pro Roller. With Indo Board President, Hunter Joslin.

The Indo Pro Training Package Surf Classic has the look of a classic 60s noserider surfboard. The Surf Classic features a blue and white pin-striped design on an all wood textured deck. (Includes Pro Deck, Gigante Cushion, Pro Roller & Demo DVD)

Featured Exercises


Challenge! Incorporate your cable press workout on your Indo Board Pro (progression) like Paul-Luc Ronchetti coached by Brandon Glade.

Brandon Glade of  is a C.S.C.S. (Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach), brings over 14 years of strength coaching experience to the BPA Strength & Fitness classes and athletes who he teaches and motivates. As a core rotation specialist, X Games trainer and motivational specialist, he understands and applies state of the art practices and theories to his work-outs. Brandon, a Carlsbad native and ex-pro skateboarder, is a baseball, softball, football, surf, skateboard, and snowboard enthusiast.

Featured Athletes


Indo Board Team Rider, Trinity Lewis! Awesome double Indo Board riding. See more and please subscribe to Trinity's Youtube channel! 



How long can you balance on two Indo Boards like Team Rider, Leo Oppenheim? Awesome video, don't you think? Find Leo’s skating school at  



Challenge! 1. How long can you hold your surf stance? 2. How long can you grab a rail and shaka with your other hand? 3. How long can you keep your eyes closed? And 4. How long can you do a Toe Grab while balancing on your Indo Board? Team Rider Stellablu shows us how on the Indo Board Pro Natural!

May you have a peaceful day. Team Rider, Ahlee Dee - in the moment of beauty, strength, balance, and poise. Such a great athlete.

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