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Indo Board will be at SURF EXPO in Orlando, Florida,
September 8-10.  Find us at Booth #926.

Indo Board Man, Hunter Joslin is interviewed in
Stand Up Journal Magazine!    

Congratulations to Tiffany Wayne, winner of the
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Featured Product

Over the past few years there have been many scientific, evidence-based studies that conclude sedentary sitting at work may lead to many potential health problems.  To see a list of some of these studies click here. 

Recently, however, there has been additional evidence that simply standing at a desk is not the entire solution to working healthier.  Recent studies seem to indicate that MOVEMENT is the key and that standing on an unstable surface increases both heart rate and circulation, which are key factors in achieving better cardiovascular health.  What better way to create movement than to stand on an Indo Board that is designed to give you a totally adjustable amount of instability that keeps you moving throughout your work day.    

Based on our own research (we have been using standup desks ourselves since 2005), we have carefully chosen the Indo Board products that we believe are best suited for any person that wishes to not only commit to standing up while working but to incorporate the movement that is necessary to improve their health. 

If you have questions about how to make the change to a healthier workplace, please call us at 321-777-6021 or email us at


Featured Trainer



Challenge! How many squats will you do with your cute as a button grandson on your shoulders? Johnny Louch, owner of the @thewtrainingfacility is INDO IT. 

The W Training Facility is a premier sports performance lab in the Southern California area and also offers an online training program. For more information, contact manager Ben Clark at


Featured Athletes


Challenge! How many times can you bounce a ball and catch it while balancing on your Indo Board? Evan Louch shows us how.



Please welcome New Indo Board Team Rider, Sophie Compeau! Sophie is a 13 year old athlete who loves to play golf, lacrosse and hockey! Check out her video on how she keeps tuned up before, during and after hockey season! She's pretty darn good, don't you think? 



An Indo Board family meeting. Enjoy!

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