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Indo Board will be at SURF EXPO,
September 8 - 10, 2016.


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Featured Product

The Indo Mini Original Training Pack is designed to be the perfect beginner board for kid’s age 4 to 8 years old that want to have fun while improving their balance, agility, leg strength and core strength.  The smaller, five inch diameter roller allows the board to be lower and closer to the ground which makes learning easier and less intimidating for young children.  We have found that one of the best places for a child to learn to use the Indo Mini Original Training Pack is outside in a grassy area.  The soft surface and grass will slow down the roller and allow the user to learn on a safe surface.  Of course, we always encourage spotting a new rider as well.  For more information about spotting CLICK HERE. The Mini Original Training Pack features a 28" X 16" natural finished deck, a 5" diameter roller, a 14" IndoFLO cushion (which can be used under the deck in place of the roller), and an Instructional DVD.

Featured Exercises



Challenge! How many slams can you do with your Core Hammer while balancing on your Indo Board? VP of Operations, Chip Martoccia, gets a bit of a workout at the IDEAFIT Convention in Los Angeles, California.



I am so grateful. My back always feels so much better after doing Foundation Training. Here I am practicing a Founder on my Indo Board Mini Pro Surf Classic when it wasn't too busy at the Indo Board booth at the @ideafit conference. Thank you, Eric, Jen, and the entire Foundation Training Team for all of the good work you do helping people all over the world. If anyone is interested in adding FT as an accessory to your training program, go to This program was a total game changer for me!


Featured Trainers

Join Indo Board Team Rider, Suzie Cooney and Jeramy Riggs, for a lecture on downwind technique, demo-individualized instruction, and downwind specific fitness training on the beautiful grounds of Lumeria Maui with organic lunch followed with a group Maliko run! To register, go to

Big news! If you live in Orange county and work in the action sports industry and have ever wanted to train like the pros, now is your chance! Extreme Athletics is now offering an industry rate for $100 a month!! Go to or call 949-548-2800 for details.


Featured Athletes

Challenge! See if you can practice your basketball skills like Team Rider, Zaila! By the way, she's only nine.



What are you up to today? Me? I'm about 5'2". Challenge! How long can you balance your best friend on your shoulders while balancing on your Indo Board? Maybe get outside today during your 10 o'clock coffee break like Leo and Sarah. Clear your head. Clear your mind. Have fun and breathe in the good air. Because the world needs you to be the best version of you.



How many tricks can you connect one after another while balancing on your Indo Board?  Alexandra Kobiak Ho-Chi, takes it to the next level. By the way, if you're planning to go to France, if you can, stop by Team Riders Alexandra  Kobiak Ho-Chi and Laurant Perigault's skate shop at



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