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Indo Board Decmber 2014 Newsletter


We appreciate your comments! contact@indoboard.com






Be sure to tell #Santa he gets Free Ground Shipping till January 1, 2015 on all products at indoboard.com#indoboard




In case you missed it:

Finding #balance on the Indo YogaFit Board




YogaFit Canada  #IndoYogaBoard







WANT TO SURF SOMEWHERE DIFFERENT? . . . Indo Board inventor and surf technique trainer Hunter Joslin has joined Surf Taiwan (the premier surf tour company in Taiwan) for a surf/ food/ hot spring/good-times trip. He's passing on tips to many stoked local crew and is generally having a blast touring with Surf Taiwan! If you want to surf this magical, uncrowded, tropical place be sure to check out http://www.surftaiwan.com/ Find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Surf-Taiwan/133354246714875?fref=photo





Have a gorgeous #IndoBoard day! #IndoBoardGirl @alyssa_1226 of TwistedCandi knows the #love. Get your Twisted Candi here. www.twistedcandi.com





Are you in the Los Angeles, California, area and want to take an #IndoYogaBoard class? Here's you connection! Kate Matarese of http://www.trainandrelaxla.com/ is taking on new students! Also, check out her video --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2G8EEKUqK0



Are you located in or near Harrisonburg, Virginia, and would like to take an Indo yoga Board class? Here's your connection! The Nest: A Yoga Studio http://thenestyoga.org/indo-board-yoga/ Workshop is Saturday, December 6th from 1:00-2:30 PM with Stephanie Jesteadt, RYT.




Are you located in or near East Hampton, New York, and would like to take an Indo Yoga Board class? Join the Indo Board Yoga Fitness Class with Indo Board Brand Ambassador, Evelyn Doherty, at Poe Yoga https://poeyoga1.squarespace.com/ in East Hampton!  Classes are every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30AM and Saturdays at 8:00AM.Find Evelyn here. http://www.evelynodoherty.com/




Trainers of the Month



#IndoBoard Master Trainer, Paul Hinker on the right, and on the left, American Pro Surfer, Taylor Knox are INDO IT. Train with these two good looking SURFfit.TV experts! #IndoBoardHero #eyecandy #surfers #corestrength #coretraining #surfexercise #surffit #fitness www.surffit.tv




Who's up for a challenge?!


#IndoBoard  Certified Trainer and Brand Ambassador, Heather T. Leo Of HTL Yoga Center shows us how it’s beautifully done.


Take the class: Learn the Art of Balance

#fitness #yoga #core #balancetraining #beautiful #strong #IndoBoardGirl.










Brazilian #JiuJutsu  black belt, Team Alliance, 8x World Champion, 2013 ADCC Champion, 4x Pan American Champion  Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles! Check out his video!  #IndoBoardHero #fitness

Would you like to learn #JiuJutsu
with Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles?


Here’s his website. http://www.cobrinhaonline.com/







Check out our latest video! #IndoYogaBoard 101 - How To Discover Your Strong and Weak Points. Where might you be compensating your movement while practicing yoga? #balance #SUP #yoga #fitness





Got a few minutes? Good?

VIDEO: How to Safely Stand and Use the ‪#‎IndoBoard‪#‎Balance‬ Trainer and How to Modify and Progress ‪#‎Exercises‬ on the Indo Board.


From the Director of Training and ‪#‎Fitness‬ and Training Development for Indo Board, Arthur Hsu, http://indoboard.com/instructional-videos Happy day.






Richie Crampton Top Fuel Pilot prepares his reaction times on his #IndoBoard while returning ping pong balls using #FitLightTrainer with Certified Indo Board Trainer, Jim Leo at PitFit Training.










Team Rider Hunter Damiani of Olmec Apparel Ltd shows us his #IndoBoard #exercise routine that helps him to achieve these #Spiderman #IndoBoardHero athletic feats of #boulder size proportions. Rock solid #core strength. #HeIsSoCool By the way, Hunter is wearing an #IndoBoard tee shirt. Get yours here. www.indoboard.com/shirt or http://indoboard.com/shirt-women Happy day.





Welcome new #IndoBoard France Team Rider, and member of France Team Cross Country, Marion Buillet! She will be competing at the World Championships 2015! Please, take a moment to share her fundraiser! https://revolusport.com/projets/marion-buillet-en-piste-vers-les-championnats-du-monde-2015/details Also find her at http://www.marionbuillet.fr/  

Are you located in France and would like to purchase an Indo Board? Please go to http://www.indoboard.fr Are you located somewhere else in Europe? Please go to http://www.indoboard.eu. Still not finding what you are looking for? Please go to http://www.indoboard.com/international.





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Happy and Healthy December to you!