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We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to video Indo Board with some of the really fun fitness equipment that we got to play with at the IDEA WORLD FITNESS Convention 2015. Take a look at 3 of our favorite videos at IDEA WORLD:

Indo Board and TRX Atomic Bomb Pushup Challenge with Indo Board Certified Trainer and Brand Ambassador, Jim Leo 

Indo Board and Battle Ropes at the TRX Booth with Georgette Austria

Indo Yoga Board Flow Demonstration with the beautiful Indo Board Brand Ambassador, Carol Shankland   



Get ready Indo Board Peeps! It's contest time! Details here.


Mark your calendar! This will be fun! Join Indo Board Brand Ambassador, Lauren Peterson, for the NamasteSUP Challenge! Get all the details you’ll need and learn how to win a bunch of fun prizes.


Love this! A Secret History Of The Ollie, by Craig Snyder! Find all kinds of information about Indo Board Man, Hunter Joslin, on pages 162, 327, 350, 367, 438, 451, 452, 456, 452, 344, and 624! Get your copy at Too much fun!

We’re stoked to be a part of NASM certified trainer, Indo Board Brand Ambassador and Team Rider, Suzie Cooney’s new book titled, How to Increase your Stand Up Paddling Performance. See more at:   Aloha!




Featured Athletes



Congratulations to Indo Board Team Rider and Brand Ambassador, Evelyn O'Doherty, for winning 1st Place at the CCBC challenge! So cool. See more at: 


Congratulations to Indo Board Team Rider and Champion, Ryan Dodd, for winning the gold medal in men’s jump water-skiing at the 2015 Pan Am Games! See more at:



Congratulations to Indo Board Team Rider, Adam Pikos, for winning the gold in men’s tricks at the Pan Am Games 2015! See more at:

What a great month for our team riders!





Featured Product




The Indo Original Art Blank allows you to create you own Indo Board Balance trainer with your own artwork on a all wood deck with a blank white background and a can of deck grip spray. The Indo Board Training Package is like having a mini gym in the comfort of your living room. (Includes Blank Deck, Roller, Cushion, Texture Spray, Workout Poster & Demo DVD)    

Lastly, In this video - a bit of balance training inspiration from surfing legend Laird Hamilton with rock star Eddie Vedder starting at minute 6:20.  




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Happy and Healthy August to you!