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Indo Board January Newsletter


Happy New Year 2015 everyone and thank you for subscribing to

the Indo Board Newsletter! We always appreciate your comments!



#indoboardwas at Surf Expo, in Orlando, Florida


Indo Board Inventor, Hunter Joslin gets Robert August to sign a special Robert August Indo Board. Get yours Today!



Tom Carrol stopped by the booth at Surf Expo for an impromptu Indo Board and Indo Yoga Board training

session with Hunter.  Congratulations on your win at

the Pipe Heritage Series in Hawaii!


It was also great to see water girl and Indo Board team Rider Annabel Anderson at Surf Expo!



Great article from the Examiner.com. The #IndoYogaBoard is built upon four rockers that create constant movement and #core stabilization which can help you build a #sixpack, get #sexy legs or whittle your waist.



Learn state-of-the-art #surf #fitness technique in the new book, ADVANCE SURF FITNESS, by  #IndoBoard Trainer, Lee Stanbury.




If you can, join #IndoBoard Brand Ambassador, Evelyn O'Doherty's #IndoYogaboard Winter Classes at POE Yoga. Practice SUP yoga indoors when it's too cold or too windy at your local body of water. Find Evelyn’s classes here. http://www.evelynodoherty.com/yoga.php





Check out #IndoBoard Brand Ambassador Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui's new website!




Where strength, inspiration and perspiration

meets the ocean.


#Strong #smart #hot #personaltrainer





Free is good! Join #IndoBoard Master Trainer

Thayne Shatah for one free Saturday class at http://www.movewithintent.com/!  Find Thayne on Facebook at Move With Intent Functional Fitness.



Featured VIDEOS of the MONTH




This will fire up your #core! VIDEO: Indo Board Trainer, Jim Leo writes, "
The final progression in this bench press using @indo_board and cushions. Dual unstable surface, single limb dumbbell press. Used 40lb DB, which normally is very light when performing a regular bench press with two weights. But it took every bit of my core and hip strength to do this. Roller would be next, but I still feel that makes it more gimmicky and less functional so this might be it for this movement. Start light, improve form, then add more load. #indoboard #corestrength #balance #fitness #hips #benchpress #dumbbells #learning @pitfittraining @jleofitness




Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, Team Alliance, 8x World Champion, 2013 ADCC Champion, 4x Pan American Champion, and #IndoBoard  Team Rider, Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles works to improve his balance. The closer your feet are together, the less room for error. Are you up for this challenge today?




#IndoBoard #Motivation! VIDEO: With Braziilian #JiuJitsu Black Belt, Team Alliance, 8X World #Champion, 2013 ADCC Champion, 4X Pan American, Champion, and #IndoBoard Team Rider, Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles! And sweet little Kátia. Would you like to study Jiu Jitsu with Master Cobrinha? Here's your connection! www.cobrinhaonline.com



VIDEO: When you fall, #IndoBoard #burpees will help you to get right back up! Indo Board Brand Ambassador  Heather T. Leo is INDO IT. Who's up for this challenge? #beautiful #strong  #IndoBoardGirl goddess. Find Heather at http://www.htlyoga.com.




Olympian Guentër Seidel, #IndoBoard Enthusiast, and All Around Stud trains at Nakoa Fitness!

Guenter Seidel may make the sport of #equestrian #dressage look easy, but this sport is very hard work! Check out some of the training Guenter does at NAKOA to stay in tip top shape for his sport. Video



featured ATHLETES of the MONTH




Congratulations to Team Rider and Long Board Champion, Ben Skinner, for being awarded ‘Best British Male Surfer.’ His #IndoBoard skills are working!  

Are you located in the UK and would like an Indo Board? Here’s your connection http://indoboard.eu.  If you are located somewhere else in the world, please go to http://www.indoboard.com/international.




Congratulations to #IndoBoard Team Rider, Nolan Archer! He keeps winning gold!

Brazilian #JiuJitsu White Belt under Kayron Gracie.
2014 IBJJF American Nationals #Champion
2014 NABJJF Nationals Champion
2014 Vulkan California Open Champion
2014 Gracie Barra Compnet Season Opener Champion

Are you an athlete and would like to be sponsored with Indo Board? Apply for sponsorship at http://www.hookit.com/brands/indoboardman. If you do, have fun applying and good luck! Region: United States




Trainers of the Month


Great #athletes train on the #IndoBoard with personal trainer Johnny Louch, owner at Rockwell Training Facility. Stay focused, get #indoit #BeGreat and always have #fun!  Johnny writes, "Can't wait to see this #gladiator @zachbell_44 racing this weekend the kid has being working so hard for the upcoming #2015supercross @rockwelltrainingfacility






Have you done your #IndoBoard #squats with your #kettlebell today? #IndoBoardHero Jason Salers at Graham Fitness shows us how!



Who’s up for this 30 day Indo Board and @foundationtraining challenge with fitness professional Sean Yeager-Diamnd?! 


Find Sean at http://www.prometheanfitness.com/.





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Happy January and a Healthy and

Happy New Year 2015 to you!