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Indo Board July 2014 Newsletter


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Indo Board will be at The Yoga Journal Conference in San Diego on Friday July 11-13, 2014. If you can make it, come see Indo Board President, Hunter Joslin, and certified YogaFit Instructor, Carol Shankland at Booth #207.

Next, on July 29, 2014, Hunter Joslin will attend the VANS US Open of Surfing. Then on July 31st, 2014, he will attend the Surfing Walk of Fame inductions, which includes his old pal and surf legend, Larry Bertlemann! Join us if you can! This will be a fun event!

Then on August 8th and 9th, Indo Board President Hunter Joslin will be at the CanFitPro trade show in Toronto, Canada, with owner of YogaFit Canada, Lisa Greenbaum. Find us at Booth #907.

Finally on August 13th - 17th, Hunter Joslin will be at IdeaWorld Fitness Convention in Anaheim, California.  Indo Board has teamed up with Dr. Tim Brown, creator of the clinically-proven posture correction shirts, Intelliskin, by sharing an island booth location with Indo Board in Booth #973 and Intelliskin in Booth #971. Please come by and try out the new Cork Indo Yoga Boards!





Just Released… We now have an Indo Board Android App for you! The new #IndoBoard App makes it easier than ever to find the Indo Board you are looking for as well as the latest products, coupon codes, and more. Download it today.  The iPhone IOS app will also be available soon.








Stepping onto an #IndoBoard is like stepping into #abundance. #IndoYogaBoard goddess, Nichola Cummiskey, #OneillBusTour and #SurfGirlMagazine lead the way.


PHOTO CREDIT: @londonyogaphotography






Did you get to see #IndoBoard President, Hunter Joslin with Indo Board France, Eric Segalen at #Quiksilver in Bordeoux? Thank you, Merci, shop owner, Cedric, and everyone there for your kindness and Indo Board enthusiasm!





YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide Trainees are loving

the #IndoYogaBoard training!


Find a YogaFit Balance Board training near you.



July 23, 2014 Palm Springs, Ca

August 22, 2014, Monroeville, PA

September 05, 2014, Manchester, NH

October 17, 2014 Harrisburg, VA

Register Now!






Indo YogaFit Balance Board Package
Includes: Cork YogaFit Logo Yoga Board, 3 IndoFLO™ cushions,

and YogaFIT Consumer DVD.

Be part of the Standup Paddleboard (SUP) yoga revolution, without needing access to a body of water. The new Indo Yogafit Balance Board Package is a collaborative effort between YogaFit, the world’s largest provider of yoga training, and Indo Board.



TRAINER / YOGI of the Month



Gotta love #IndoYogaBoard goddess Mikaela Perera in a tripod handstand at the 2014 Paddle Round the Pier! She's warming up for Brighton Yoga Festival coming up on 26 July 2014! See you there! www.indoboard.eu





Athletes of the Month



Congratulations to Indo Board Germany sponsored athlete, Julia Rick, for winning 1st at CWWC World Tour Stop Wake Control Vienna at Wakeboardlift Wien!




We’re stoked to sponsor Si Ning Chan, athlete on the
US Olympic Ski Team! And she’s so cute!







Got a minute? Good! Check out #IndoBoard Brand Ambassador and Team Rider, Suzie Trains Maui happy place video.




Exercise of the Month



Have you practiced your #IndoBoard pig-dog lately?


Indo Board President, Hunter Joslin, shows us how it's done.
Tuck in and drag your right arm (in this case) to keep
yourself in contact with the face of the wave.

Dragging your arm in the face of the wave will help you to
slow down your speed, go deep and stay steep.

Photo taken at Ile d’Oléron, France.







Indo Board 101 | How To Use The IndoFLO™ Cushion
With The Indo Yoga Board





Check out Makoto Yamashita’s incredible son balance train
"Karate Kid” style! OMG.




Fans of the Moment



One of our biggest fans.
Check out Sandra's #IndoBoardFitness page.
She is amazing.





Congratulations to Simon Cabannes, one of the winners of
the #IndoBoard tee shirt give-away in celebration
of 10,000 Likes on Facebook!


Thank you, Indo Board #France, Eric Segalen, www.indoboard.fr, for getting a tee shirt to Simon. www.indoboard.eu






All we ever have is right now, so upload your photo to the #IndoBoard Wall to give us permission to make you the next "Fans of the Moment!" Robyn Graetz and Kelly Jane at KJ Health & Fitness in Adelaide, South Australia are INDO IT. By the way, how do you like the Indo Board that #RobertAugust helped us to design? Get yours here.