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Indo Board March Newsletter


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Indo Board Mastery Video
Indo Board President, Hunter Joslin, and Indo Board Master Trainer, Nicola Cerciello, show us some Indo Board Mastery at ISPO, Winter 2015, in Munich, Germany!

Train with Indo Board Master Trainer, Nicola Cerciello! Contact him at nicola@indoboarditalia.com, or at activephilosophy@gmail.com

Do you live in the UK and would like to buy an Indo Board? Please go to www.indoboard.eu. If you live anywhere else, please go to www.indoboard.com/international




featured ATHLETES of the MONTH



Fun! Remember to get outside and play like ‪#‎IndoBoard‬ Brand Ambassador and Team Rider, Alaine Reis and @priscil9. See their amazing video here.


Alaine Reis writes, “
Sunday Fun with my partner in crime @priscil9, killing time till my next session. Every time we take the boards out, people get obsessed with it! @indo_board #IndoLove #IndoFitness #IndoSoccer #IndoGK #Malibu



Congratulations to Jiu Jistu World Champion and ‪#‎IndoBoard‬ Team Rider Edwin Najmi for winning DOUBLE GOLD at the 2015 San Fransisco Jiu Jitsu Open! Are you an athlete? Get sponsored with Indo Board at ‪#‎Hookit‬.


Apply here. www.hookit.com/brands/indoboardman. Region: USA




Have a beautiful day or night using your Indo Board Gigante Cushions underneath your SUP like Indo Board Team Rider and Brand Ambassador, Lauren Peterson, founder of Namaste SUP, and allow yourself to practice SUP yoga - anywhere. #Gorgeous #yogi #teacher #surfer #IndoYogaBoard goddess. ・・・#airplane #privatejet #supyoga #surftech #namastesup  Photo credit: Joe Umali BUY your Indo Board Gigante Cushions here. http://indoboard.com/cushion-gigante




Featured Trainers




SUP training via SKYPE? Yes. This is how Peter Davies from Maryland does it when he's not on Maui with training and paddling Maliko with Indo Board Team Rider and Brand Ambassador,  Suzie Cooney of www.suzietrainsmaui.com. It's fun and really effective.




Here’s a great challenge for you to try! See Indo Board Certified Trainer, Jim Leo’s Indo Board and Crosscore  stability workout video here. Jim writes, "
Combining a plank roll on @indo_board with feet in @crosscore . Bit of a challenge to keep feet even with the pulley system. Much easier with feet planted on ground! Killer core and shoulder stability workout. #indoboard #balance #core #crosscore180 #suspensiontraining #plank #plankroll #fitness”  



How many single arm pushups can you do on your Indo Board? Coach Cash at Hordon Health http://www.hordonhealth.com/ shows us how. See his video here. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153085202626341&fref=nf





Looks like a fun group of people led my former NFL player, and Indo Board Enthusiast, Mikhael Ricks! Check out the video here. http://indoboard.com/wp/2015/03/indo-board-mrsp-fitness-wsvn-com-news/ Find Mikhael Ricks, owner of MSRPFitness in North Miami specializing in core conditioning and functional strength at http://www.mrspfitness.com.




Featured PRODUCT of the MONTH





Enhance Your Yoga Practice and Health on the ‪#‎IndoYogaBoard‬. See and learn about the health benefits in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rH-n4nluxLw  -- Would you like own your very own Indo Yoga Board? Get yours here. http://indoboard.com/yoga-board-deck


Get your Indo Yoga Board NOW.