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The Original Training Package Natural is the original model and design Indo Board with an all wood board and large Indo Man logo on a textured deck. The Indo Board Training Package is like having a mini gym in the comfort of your living room.  Get Indo IT!

(Includes Deck, Roller, Cushion, Workout Poster & Demo DVD)

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Product Description

The Original Training Package provides a complete workout without taking up a lot of space and offers hours of fun for riders of all ages and abilities.  Indo Board was designed to enable the rider to have fun while exercising the core muscles involved in boardsports, team sports and fitness. The basic goal of the Indo Board Balance Trainer with the roller and cushion is to ride as long as possible while keeping the board from touching the ground.


The Original Training Package comes with both the original roller and the mouth inflatable IndoFLO® Balance Cushion that is great for Sports Training, Rehab and Therapy by promoting core training and core stability on a unique balance training device used by professional athletes worldwide. The workout possibilities are practically endless with the Indo Original Training Package as new exercises are constantly being explored and developed by our team of Group Fitness Instructors. The Indo Board Original deck does not actively roll on the cushion, it simply tilts offering a full 360º circle of instability that is challenging in a way that's safe and fun. Best of all, there is no risk of falling and no learning curve insuring that anyone can now enjoy the benefits and fun of balance training anywhere.The Indo FLO cushion is a safe product that has a multitude of potential applications and can deliver an interesting, full-body workout, whose uses have been refined based on expert feedback. The Indo FLO cushion was designed so anyone, regardless of skill level or age, can enjoy the benefits of core training while improving their balance, posture, coordination, and leg strength.

The Original Roller provides a fun core balance training platform where riders can learn Indo Board tricks and roller specific workouts. Once you are an Indo expert using the roller, you can progress to either the Indo Pro, a Rocker Board or one of our Kicktail Models. Indo Boards are fun and guaranteed to improve your balance, core and posture. Indo Board Balance Trainer is used by the US Surf Team, Jay Thompson, Taj Burrow, Evan Geiselman, Courtney Conloque, Bethany Hamilton, Sunny Garcia and sooo many more!


Please DO NOT leave the IndoFLO cushion under your Indo Board deck for extended periods of time when not in use. Be sure to remove the deck from on top of the cushion so that the deck and cushion are not in contact when not in use.

Leaving the Indo Board deck on top of the IndoFLO cushion may cause the cushion to stick to the deck as the materials in the cushion may react adversely to the paint on the underside of the deck if they are in contact for extended periods of time. Failure to remove your deck from on top of your IndoFLO cushion may potentially void your warranty and/or cause the paint to peel off of the bottom of your deck.

Demo DVD and Workout Poster provided FREE with the purchase of any Indo Board Training Package.

Additional information

Product Type original
Indo Board Package Original + Roller and Cushion
Color Natural
Material Wood
Deck Size 30 inches x 18 inches
Roller Size 6.5" diameter
Cushion Size 14" diameter
Weight Range <250lbs
Activity / Sport Surfing, SUP, Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, Snowboarding, Skiing, Skateboarding, Ice Hockey, MMA, Boxing, BMX, Cycling, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Motocross, Kiteboarding, Rowing, Swimming, Canoeing, Cheerleading, Kayak
Sport AFL, Archery, Baseball, Basketball, BMX, Bowling, Boxing, Cheerleading, Cricket, Cycling, Football, Golf, Ice Hockey, Kayak / Canoe, Kiteboarding, Lacross, MMA, Motocross, Motorsports Racing, Ping Pong, Rowing, Rugby, Sailing, Skateboarding, Skiing, Snowboarding, Soccer, Standup Paddle (SUP), Surfing, Swimming, Tennis, Triathlon, Volleyball, Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing, Waterskiing, Wrestling
Exercise Aerobic Exercises, Battle Ropes, Box Spin, Fly, Kettlebell, Kickflip, Lunge, Medicine Ball, Military Press, Ollie, Plank, Power Yoga, Pushup, Rows, Shuvit, Squat, Straps, Twist, Workout Plan, Yoga Poses
Use / Exercises Fitness Training, Rehabilitation, Therapy, Youth Balance, Personal Training, CrossFit, Rehab, Ollie, Grab, Kickflip, spin, shuvit, squat, plank, pushup, rows, bear walking, kickback, plank, twist, fly, wake up, warm up, kettlebell, medicine ball, straps


Review by:
Bought this so I could get better on my SUP. This is really fun and challenging - in a "take it at your own pace" kind of way. Only been using a few days, but I am getting the hang of it pretty quick. I am 59 and I am quite aware as a person gets older I know that balance can become an issue. Feeling pretty confidant this will ward off any chance of that. This is going to stay in my exercise regimen as it extra challenge to push-up, planks and all the core exercises. Love It ! (Posted on 7/18/2016)
Review by:
Bought this for me niece - 13 years old and athletic. She took to it like a duck to water. I was worried she would fall and break her neck, but that is pretty much impossible to do because of the physics of the board and "roller thingy". She loves it and uses it while watching TV. I am thinking about getting one for myself. It would probably be good for older adults (50's) like me to maintain balance as I age. Excellent quality item. Works really well. Delivered quickly and without damage. (Posted on 6/20/2016)
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