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Indo Board training DVD’s are designed to help Indo Board users understand everything from the basics of balance board training to advanced balance board tricks. The different Indo Board DVD’s include content which is specific to the many different Indo Board products and their uses. The Indo Board Training DVD’s are designed for those users that are interested in learning more about balance board exercises and fitness training on the Indo Board products. The Indo Board Training DVD’s feature highly respected fitness trainers that take the user through many different types of balance board training exercises that not only improve balance and increases leg strength but also give the user an incredible core workout, upper body workout and dramatically improve posture and kinetic chain stability. In addition to the Indo Board training DVD’s we offer the Indo YogaFit Training DVD which is specifically designed for use with the Indo YogaFit Balance Board. This DVD was designed and by YogaFit, the world’s largest provider of teacher training for Yoga Instructors. If you are interested in taking your balance training to the next level the Indo Board Training DVD’s will teach you safe, functional ways of implementing the Indo Board products into your daily fitness routine. The Indo Board is the best known, best built and most respected brand of balance boards and accessories available. Don’t settle for an imitation when it comes to your balance training. Choose Indo Board; the best brand of balance board on the market..

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  1. Indo Board Demo DVD

    The Indo Board Demo DVD includes the basics of getting started using the Indo Board, common everyday tricks, advanced tricks, a chapter with a gym workout for serious Indo Board fitness training, a chapter with the original Indo Board video from 1999, and a cross stepping instructional chapter. This DVD is provided FREE with the purchase of any Indo Board Balance Trainer.
  2. Indo Trainers DVD Volume 1

    The Indo Trainers Volume One core and balance training video demonstrates a wide variety of exercises utilizing the Indo Board Balance Trainer to improve core and leg strength, balance, proprioception, coordination, static and dynamic stability, motor skills, and overall fitness. Indo Board designer and developer, Hunter Joslin, introduces you to a wide variety of training techniques featuring certified trainers Richard Clarke, Kevin Hubble, Rocky Snyder, Tomas Anthony, You-Lee, and John Davies.
  3. YogaFit Training Systems DVD - Consumer

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    Be part of the Standup Paddleboard (SUP) yoga revolution, without needing access to a body of water. The new Indo Yogafit Balance Board Package is a collaborative effort between YogaFit, the world’s largest provider of yoga training, and Indo Board. 

    The YogaFit instructional DVD program was created exclusively for the Indo YogaFit Balance Board.  This unique program is based on the 3-mountain format and stays consistent with the YogaFit seven principles of alignment (SPA) which ensure a safe yet fun yoga program.

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